How to make use of clothing collocation key words to do clothing Taobao

I’m sure there are a lot of people in the Taobao customer, but how to be a real money off Taobao? We are sure will play their own advantages, through the web site to Taobao customers, but we should do what type of website to make Taobao


made a clothing wholesale network ( recently, so often in the Baidu search keywords clothing, inadvertently found "clothing collocation" search for the words of many people, do Baidu promotion, not many people, I think by the words to do Taobao off.

first look at the Baidu keyword index, Baidu search volume index every stable at around 2000, have a brilliant future.


search keywords clothing collocation is only the first three is Baidu search promotion links, can do optimization.


specifically how to do it? Everyone has everyone’s approach, SEO masters who have their own unique way of optimization. Here is my advice about a SEO expert, he gave me a rough guide:


1 domain name space: this needless to say, the domain name and key words in line with the better, the faster the more stable the better.

2 procedures: recommend the use of blog procedures, first of all, because the blog is better to optimize, followed by such a lot of news is not a lot of words, do a blog, as long as it can adhere to update every day is very good.


3 release: because the site is the theme of clothing collocation, we can choose Taobao customers in the clothes sales up to recommend, recommend a few day in collocation, placed next to buy links, many MM saw for himself, his love of the collocation will naturally want to buy.

said that although Taobao clothes off the Commission is not very high, but such sites in most of their potential customers and loyal customers, because many girls are crazy to buy clothes, as long as you love, will not control the price factor. If the site is good, the girls will definitely visit, because the site is equivalent to their clothing designer.

rookie issued a document, I hope the master can guide.

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