Growing concerns about the nuts cloud nternet giant cloud shrouded


special correspondent Zhao Fengling Shanghai reported

since the use of a nut cloud, Li Jun (a pseudonym) no longer specifically for a file and run a company. And five people of Li Jun’s marketing team no longer frequently transmitted between the latest marketing text, as long as there are people who update the document in the nuts cloud Team Edition, you can ensure that the team all the hands of the document is always up-to-date. This not only reduces the trouble of each person to send text messages, but also to ensure that the text of each person to send the same text, to avoid the wrong use of expired text to the customer’s problems.

from last March on the line so far, the nut cloud has nearly a million registered users, daily active users reached 20%, and there are more than 400 corporate users and thousands of paid users.

nuts cloud internal estimates, the average individual users continue to expand 5-8 times to attract more business users and paying individual users, that is, can get a positive cash flow.

however, a fact that can not be ignored, as many other areas, cloud storage is the Internet giant’s cloud shrouded, nuts cloud can no venga


Dropbox and Evernote

in 2010, IBM research institute engaged in basic research of enterprise data center work of the Han bamboo realized that Internet giants mostly grappling in the individual market, while ignoring the opportunity for B. Inspired by the Dropbox, in the second half of 2010, he did not have any internet background decisively to give up the relatively stable work, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

in the Han bamboo appears in the cloudy storage products, have emphasized the sharing function of SkyDrive, there is emphasis on the backup function of icloud, and emphasizes the function of nuts cloud synchronization and multi-persons’collaborative cloud storage.

An obvious benefit of

is that it can increase the frequency of use of the product compared to the sharing and backup. In order to ensure that users can access their data whenever and wherever possible, and can be used on any platform and partner to synchronize files, supports almost all client cloud nuts including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android.

Han Zhu told reporters that there are few products support Linux system, but the support of the nuts cloud, which is to take care of a lot of people like themselves insist on using Linux open source system IT professionals.

currently, the nuts cloud offers three products: Personal Edition (regular, premium), Team Edition, Enterprise Edition (private cloud). As long as the user in any terminal to download their nuts cloud software, set up accounts, put files in the specified folder or nuts cloud directly right click on any folder on the disk, select "sync to the cloud, this is nuts" folder is automatically synced to the cloud, "

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