Flightradar24 show you the real time on earth


with Google maps and aviation information, Flightradar24 can visually see the aircraft position

in the air travel, many people will worry about flight delays. A new application called Flightradar24 can solve the problem of users, this application can provide real-time information to the global user flight data.

The application consists of "

, iOS, Andriod (charge) in three versions, with Google (micro-blog map) and aviation information, not only can visually see the aircraft position, or click on the search for a flight, but also informed airlines, flight height, whether on time information, above the database including the history data flight. Open Cockpit View (driver view mode), you can get a simulated flight immersive experience (but this feature in the trial, access is not very smooth).

currently supports a database of about 60% of the world’s flight information, of which about 7 are European flights and other u.s..


Flightradar24 above the database even includes flight history data

Flightradar24 in the five continents of the world has built a network of more than and 500 receivers, can collect the data of the civil aircraft automatically sent location. This system called ADS-B.Flightradar24 has been downloaded more than 2 million times, is very popular among the pilots and the tower controller.

Flightradar24 has announced a partnership with Swedish AVTECH, which provides innovative applications and systems in the air transport industry. The two companies have reached an agreement to integrate the data in the Flightradar24 network with AVTECH’s current and future products. Flightradar24 and AVTECH started working together a year ago to install Flightradar24’s ADS-B receiver in AVTECH’s SARL office in France and the Middle East office.


cool Cockpit View (driver view mode), but unfortunately poor domestic access

Flightradar24 was founded 7 years ago, initially just as a fun project. However, in the process of development, the company gradually see the value of the relevant data, and found that these data can be used in different applications. For travelers and related businesses, these data are very meaningful.

Flightradar24 address: http:>

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