Hard work not to rely on Baidu to make money

I was a rookie, it should not be considered accurate Adsense it, because I will DZ station, BO-BLOG blog, I just do these two things, others have not tried, but I profit, although the number is not much.

08 years, contact the site, try to do a forum at the beginning of Baidu search free forum, the results for 5D6D, just something simple, I spent 1 months finally understood, 09 years, know what is included, know what is in the optimization. Slowly slowly learning contact optimization, called SEO, and the first independent forum I was born, I began to promote, until one day, found that Baidu included more than and 160, every day from Baidu to a lot of people every day to reduce the advertising, publicity.

in March 23rd, I can’t find the station in Baidu, also said to be K, then I will until the original K, okay, problems will be solved, to find solutions, not what effect that puzzling one night, Baidu found himself being fooled, you K you, I promote my, tell me what your relationship, from there to the people a few good members, is to go to send advertising, then began a promotion, a few hours a day post, two days later, I was looking to sell advertising, clinch a deal, just yesterday again, I have friends to buy, I said I stand by Baidu K, the friend said, you stand in, members are true, a code is not like the other stations that engage in some false membership, so I chose to put ads you here.

I have no culture, expression ability is poor, said so much that Baidu don’t look too heavy, I am a rookie, said not good place please enlighten, not advertising, the station address is http://s.8atm.cn we can see, Baidu K, advertising still on the


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