Together with the money is not a novice webmaster

time flies, since I graduated from the University for one year, a year ago I to the website construction and promotion from 2007 to 2008, utterly ignorant of, experienced the whole years of experience, Admin5 I do not know how many times I was refreshed, the countless predecessors saw how many articles, 2, 3 yuan I finally, in 40, to now 50 yuan from the day, all this is a process, a process of self growth.

station is in early September of the 07 year, is the last time when the graduation work took 800 salary, because I am a college student can only get out of these, but I’m not willing to take 800 ah, how keep live yourself, how can there be a deposit. I inadvertently contact Wangzhuan, because my first job is to do network promotion, so contact some webmaster, do stand that can earn extra money, I would not hesitate to join the ranks of the grassroots webmaster. 07 years of non mainstream sites is still relatively hot, first I chose the non mainstream, after several twists and turns of the webmaster friends recommend, through their own practice, choose easy, and new wind driven cloud these station system, the best choice of a new cloud template to do the first virgin tournament Q net (already closed now). The experience is the system of demolition and installation, installation and disassembly, template change and change, but also understand the experience, grasp the basic HTML language, Dreamweaver and PS also have some, laid a foundation for the future owners of the road. So say anything the most important practice, practice.

Wangzhuan road is hard, but the triumph will be willing. I first do not over 1 weeks later, the basic contents are filled immediately on the application of the Google Adsense, did not think 3 days passed, perhaps this is luck, I do not know what advertising optimization, only know the site as long as you can put ads to put on. I hope a lot of advertising revenue (which is why some novice webmaster general psychology). Results as can be imagined, income is not ideal, around 0.2-0.5 knife every day, after Admin5 webmaster kind advice, adjust the total advertising, including size, location, color, form of advertising, no income rose to 2 months every day more than 1 knives, for the novice webmaster 1 knife is a threshold! The 10 knife is a threshold back! Money immeasurable, hehe! Then due to the large number of non mainstream sites, for a not SEO me, income has been maintained at $1 this level, I finally decided to choose to abandon it, follow me half a year’s virgin station ended. From the beginning of 08, I began to have a special research on the SEO SEO, in my eyes, the first row is always the user experience, always believe that content is king, the 2 is my principle. Maybe this is the 2 point on the current achievements of me, in 08 years this year, I did the novel station, station, local forum, beauty station and so on, finally I chose beauty station, is now the stockings beauty network www.siwa>

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