How to use the method of novice bloggers make money wise remark of an experienced person

do a web site to make money is really good hard, read so many articles about Wangzhuan, most are referred to by " the success of the shoulder to climb, I introduced the method of " is already very old but there are many people doing this, it has been proved that this method is effective the main secret of success or that sentence with the help of " the success of the shoulder to climb, " " good execution and perseverance (" two really good, no nonsense) said, the process is this:

, Sina, and 1 were registered Sohu, blog blog a large flow.

2 in the home and looking for popular articles, paste to Sina, Sohu, blog etc..

repeat second steps, in the Sina home page to find popular articles paste to other blog analysis:

is popular in the blog, Sina and Sohu should also be popular articles, or popular articles! This flow problem is solved! Again, as long as you persist, persist in popular articles and Sina Sohu and, and to feel you the article is very valuable, as long as you recognized, your article will be easier to enter the home recommended! Other sites are also similar to

!If you have

site you can also place with its own address, also can do the chain, for their website

to kill two birds with one stone!

2 profit

apply for a GG account linked ads! Add the corresponding service according to your blog content! For example, if your blog is about the stock market, the stock market to add class code you flow in your blog! If your website is about education, then in your blog ads placed on education "


need to pay attention to the problem:

each blog updated daily 5 article on the line, and is readily available articles, will spend approximately half an hour! As long as you persist in a week, every day tens of thousands of flow is very easy to have no fear of traffic! Qian Zuan?!


blog theme, popular articles issued in this area and don’t send popular articles that


insist, insist on

can earn money!

I used to belong to the impatient person, can’t hold on! But now pragmatic! My Wangzhuan station has been updated, insist on three weeks, now traffic is about 500 IP around PV1500! As long as we go, what to do can make money


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