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from a webmaster novice to the current day income. Is also a hard way to come, thought a lot of ways to improve traffic. With the flow of all is the premise, but when my traffic reaches a certain stage, I was thinking about how to use these resources. In exchange for more maney. Tested a number of home advertising alliance, in order to live, in order to make money!

start. Have friends to do GOOGLE. There are friends to do advertising alliance, but at that time because of their GOOGLE is not very understanding, the settlement cycle is long. So looking for the next advertising alliance. The results saw the first nine wins is advertising, there should be no problem. What about. Pay all aspects. Facts have proved that the payment does not. But I found my valid data statistics with the actual traffic volume to me a lot of difference, asked several friends, everybody said the results deduction amount is too serious, it is certainly not, this is equal to wasting my precious IP, then again to find the results, see advertising, premise do a survey. Not bad, but I can’t apply for the ad I want. Hey, really depressed, can only look at,

I believe I have the eye can identify Jin Jing, but did not dare to try, after all, is a price to pay, see online someone said his monthly income of tens of thousands, ah, not so strong. I quickly contacted, asked what had happened, he said he was doing in the ultimate alliance, how to say I do not believe, after all I have done similar results, he said you do not believe you can see my data, screenshots to you, indeed, since there are people who do that. Just try it. The results I found was indeed very stable, so put an ad code, the alliance will update the content, and that I can be a IP different advertising statistics, so it is improving the utilization rate of IP I, I can see real-time data back, is also good, I can receive a week the cost of advertising cooperation, for two years, the credibility is high, their customer service MM service attitude is super good, I was the first to experience, so now I have been doing them, and GOOGLE GOOGLE, after all to my temptation is also big, hey hey, yes, remember they have a MM QQ is 676564064, if you really want to do, you can try! Because she always contact me! Temporarily went to the bar, just a little bit of experience, I now have to do other things, the site can not be so Good money. First flash ha!

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