3 steps to be done before joining the network to make money

if you want to join the network industry, to use the Internet for their money, I suggest you read this article, 3 steps in this article that the network to make money in this industry is very helpful for you to enter. If you have entered this industry, I suggest you can see, may be able to help you earn more money.

first step: do a self analysis

how much money do you plan to spend and how much time you invest in the network to make money?

if you want to do a website to make money, if you have enough money to buy space and domain name; if you want to make money online full-time, whether you have enough living expenses to maintain the day you make money at the same time; if there are several items can make money, whether you have enough time and energy. I don’t know your personal finances, and I don’t know how you spend your time, but I have to say that everyone has only 24 hours a day and you can’t do everything well!

second step: make a detailed plan

what can I do? How much do I plan to make per month? Where do I start?

network to make money a lot of projects, but not every project is suitable for their own. First, fully understand the advantages of their own, and then investigate the feasibility of the project, and finally start operation. It is very general, but the reality is that every day we have a lot of things to do, and sometimes much to do, especially now that the Internet is a sea of information, if you love to watch the news, I believe that even if you spend the day watching the news, they may not be able to read the news of the day so, you are strongly advised to do a detailed plan for the operation.

third step: adhere to, and then adhere to

network to make money every day, there are new projects, you still insist on the operation of your project?

a lot of money do friends have such experience, see the navigation station fire do navigation station, QQ station fire QQ station, and then look at the movie station fire turned back to make the movie station, the result still guarding space domain name + + source code. Why Admin5, outdated, Tencent can succeed, is that they have been holding on to their projects. In the face of difficulties, in the face of temptation, be sure to maintain their own sense of confidence in the end is to insist on victory!


network is not so difficult, the difficulty is the three step of the most simple rules to insist on not, each face of new money making project, or encounter difficulties to retreat, I would say "no" on its own;! I believe that as long as I persist will succeed.

do a self analysis, make a detailed plan, insist again, although I teach you is the 3 basic steps, but I believe you in the success of the network industry to make money, you will thank me!

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