Google AdSense the use of advanced techniques to optimize the form, amount of cutting station

Google AdSense offers more than and 10 different sizes of advertising formats, but we have received some feedback from publishers, can provide personalized advertising format for their web layout.

we attach great importance to customer feedback, on the basis of collecting feedback, we will carefully analyze customer needs, and strive to improve our products.

but at the same time, we also found that some of the customer’s format requirements simply use some simple web design skills can be solved. Here we use a case study:

this is a three column page, and the page content is very compact. So there is not much space for advertising. In addition, left and right three column sizes are 200 pixels, 250 pixels, 210 pixels, AdSense does not provide a corresponding advertising format for his choice.

so, how to configure ads on this page?

finally we through a simple web design skills, the web page for the following advertising configuration:


in this configuration, we use the HTML form of this property, made a 250 pixel wide tables, then 234×60 semi banner implantation form, not only solves the problem of column width, as well as advertising and web page layout together.

through the above case, we can see that the optimization of advertising is not just to optimize the advertising itself. The optimization of web design, how to flexibly use the form, layer and other attributes, so that advertising and web pages better together, it is worth thinking and exploring.

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