Ali mother can replace Google Adsense

      with Ali mother red, many website owners from Google Adsense to the Ali Mama, because Ali mother suitable for large, medium and small web site, as long as there is a website or blog can sell advertising, 1 cents can also check out, so that the transparent advertising trading is other than advertising alliance.

      users with Google Adsense, it is likely to encounter some difficulties, such as small sites to achieve $100 may be a long time, there is the possibility of being blocked. Here you will say, I don’t cheat what I fear, I also think so, but such a thing happened to me on my first Google Adsense, when $80, I have been a title, I have no cheating, why the letter I, I searched on the Internet what about my problem, and I found the same innocent friend N, I really don’t have confidence in Google Adsense.

      since the emergence of the Ali Mama advertising market, with a revolutionary change, a large number of small website owners and even bloggers have earned a fortune, a small blog even I just do can make a little now, with a few friends to talk website, they will ask, recently in the Ali Mama advertising selling what?

      buy advertising in the Ali Mama, don’t worry about the previous Google Adsense ad click rate, there are a lot of people in order to get more Google Adsense hits, to mislead others, improve the hit rate has been achieved, but was eventually sealed Google. Mom is different, Ali mother is charged according to time of advertising, as long as the intention to do it.

      Ali mother can replace Google Adsense? I do not know, but I can be sure that Ali mother has a large number of users.

      finally hope Ali mother can give us surprise.

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