From the beauty shop of a small woman’s network of entrepreneurial story

        98 years after graduating from the Hunan University, school finance professional I was assigned to a state-owned enterprise, always contented I never thought that one day will go on the road of entrepreneurship. Since last year, the unit efficiency is increasingly worse, work pressure is also growing, semi bureaucratic organization and promotion according to status and equality is very serious phenomenon, it is difficult for young people to have a chance to succeed. Sometimes I think, as a backbone of the business, they pay in hard work and sweat a lot, his IQ is not low, if the efforts and wisdom into your career to confirm the achievement not worse than in the dry unit!

        the first entrepreneurial project I choose is to open a beauty salon company, because I always have to do beauty care habits, feel good humoured, affinity is also very strong, very suitable for the service industry, and beauty salons are generally more guests at night and on weekends you can work in, I arrange time to take care of. My husband and I are college students, our thoughts are easy to communicate, and I said that the idea of her husband’s strong support. Do I have been in Beihai in an upscale community in the beauty salon to do care, residential apartments opened beauty salons can avoid the high cost of rent, but also the environment elegant quiet, more suitable for the beauty salon management features. Next, is the search, purchase, renovation, recruitment, training, and preparation for the company to join the products, preparations for the opening of the work, work in the unit time, busy awfully.

        June 18, 2006, "Wright’s beauty salon" finally opened, followed by the most critical thing is to find the natural guest. In such a small city in Beihai, the level of consumption is not very high, the population is not much, the entire urban population is less than 200 thousand, while beauty salons throughout the streets, the competition is very fierce. The beginning of the opening, and I tried a few beautician leaflets, experience card, do classified ads, contact friends way to pull business, but with little success, in the first month, sometimes several days without a guest, the business is very delicate.

        the first setback, forcing me to sit down and think about how to find a breakthrough. On the service, the staff of the shop is carefully selected with long-term experience of the beautician, on environment, is located in the downtown area of high-grade residential shop than the same size of the beauty shop, the price also has the advantage… During this time, I downloaded from the Internet nearly a hundred books on management, beauty, planning, marketing, etc., expect to be inspired. After learning and thinking, I found that the main problem is the sales channel is not smooth, not because of the street shops, guests are not easy to find, two is to let people have a sense of trust store. I always knew there was a special e-commerce!

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