Sum up the experience and the golden rule of Taobao

I am 24 years, is engaged in the banking industry, is studying the college computer professional students, 07 years of cooperation with the second dormitory Lane site, 08 years in the mid GG main source of advertising, and later learned Taobao off this business, so Taobao made a special guest website, 09 years opened in February 1st, the site opened after a few months ago by Taobao customer money is 0, but by the Ali Mama advertising revenue is about 2.5 yuan a day income. Here to promote their own money and make a summary of the experience, in the majority of Taobao customers share:

, 1 individuals that do Taobao customers to promote it as long as the channel promotion and channel promotion is enough, the two not only can be used as more as a site beautification, put up not only increased the content of the website more beautiful, but there is a disadvantage, there is still a lot of people already know the two promotion methods, so in a lot of personal station see things as like as two peas. But so far I do not have Taobao promotion income.

2, advertising is a kind of method is relatively good, now netizen is relatively high advertising strategy of GOOGLE, but GOOGLE need to apply, and if the application on site audit more stringent, personally think that Ali’s mother is also good, after all, Taobao is a guest with mom, to ensure credibility, and every day to see income.

3, there is a way to make money but alliance, summed up a lot of users experience, feel the credibility of the alliance is too low, most are white or your promotion, promotion when the money he said your site does not meet the requirements, it is not recommended.

4, the site to be attractive, you need to have a good content, in addition, I think the word is very important in the sale of sales: do not sell. If you want to advertise the best website and let visitors go see all blend into one harmonious whole, not advertising. So you will have a click, there will be income.

now has done a new Taobao website welcome Taobao customer communication.

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