51wan use the nternet to do the game

Liu Yanggang ended a marathon meeting, which has long been a norm in the four year old company.

entertainment company called her new brother, doing the most popular web games – business. Why do you say that? The Analysys International data released in 2012, the network game market will reach 55 billion 700 million yuan, including web games accounted for 8 billion yuan, this is the users have billions of dollars of segments. You know, compared to the development of traditional online games for more than and 10 years, the web game is definitely a newborn. There are still a lot of players do not get used to this need not download the client, but in the browser can play in the form of the game.

the issue of this meeting is to promote sharing between members, which seems urgent. Because they are the main business 51wan (a web game platform) has nearly 60 million users, how to retain them is definitely the most headache thing. But this is a system engineering, I have to set up the user system, and then complete the system search and other links, and finally to achieve sharing." Liu Yang reminded his team to pay attention to efficiency, in accordance with the schedule, the next quarter will be a series of several major on-line.

she is increasingly aware of the war is approaching, although as early as in August 2007 when the company founded, she warned her staff to be prepared to meet the competition after 5 years".

but things are always worse than expected". September 12th, online crazy pass Jingdong mall recently launched a web game operating platform, and before that, Taobao has been on the line in the platform in June. In this way, this small circle, and packed with Tencent, Baidu, Sina, everyone, 360, giant, grand……

Liu Yang does not seem to feel the pressure, because at the beginning of the design business model, she has a clear understanding of what will be an ecosystem.

in the three year of the Jinshan game Liu Yang realized that the traditional network game must be more internet. "The early research and development companies very dominant, with a good game to be able to occupy the market; and in the second stage, the operation has become the most important, many game makers do not even know this; then, may be the platform and brand competition." Liu Yang said, but a lot of people still do not understand, and finally win why Tencent?

so, Liu Yangyi began to set 51wan as a gaming platform, rather than the most popular game production company. She is the ideal state there are plenty of high-quality games on the platform, through which the pursuit of Internet type data operations, help CP (content provider) money, also for themselves to large user groups.

but in the past, this does not seem to be a very reasonable business model, not only because of this kind of foreign investors can not find a template for the business model is always avoiding the

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