Taobao shop monthly income of million experience sharing details determine success or failure

Hello, I’m your old friends and old customers, to share with you today is: Taobao shop monthly income of million experience sharing: details determine success or failure. In this era of competition is very intense, how should we in their industry talent shows itself? We know that any industry has success and failure, how can we make this a success! This is a problem.

in fact, Taobao shop in the process, there are many details need to pay attention to the direct impact on your success or not. But many friends often ignore these problems in Taobao, maybe your baby are of good quality, the ranking is also good, but why is no volume? This situation is very common, quality problems in Taobao, and many shops are able to solve, so in addition to quality, we also need to pay attention to many details the problem, I give a summary of some very common points and is very important for everyone to share you today, I hope to help you.

1, service

service attitude, which is a direct impact on your ability to deal with customers is one of the important factors. Good service attitude, can be very effective to promote the transaction with the user. Even if the user is just consulting, you also need to use the best service attitude to answer user questions patiently. If the user while consulting baby, maybe you this baby home prices than other slightly a little high, but as long as you do good service, the user is likely to deal with you. You know, now a lot of people to spend money to buy social service, do not care about this little money.

2, speed

reply customer problem is very critical speed. On the last point we talked about, a user at the same time in contact with several of the baby, if you do not reply in the first time, then the business will flow away. This I have deeply felt, yesterday I had a shop customer consultation "free preparation space" this baby, I was not in the toilet, the user information about 2 minutes later, I didn’t reply, the other customers in the store order. This shows that the choice of customers is very much, so we should try to do the details. Of course, I still reply to the user with the best service attitude: it does not matter, there is a chance to re cooperation". This is our shop potential customers, we can give him a good impression, maybe later came to me 3, we cooperate.

3, after sales

a lot of baby is the existence of after-sales service. Many sellers in no order before, perhaps the service is good, but the order, is indifferent, this situation is very much! This is a big mistake, we must do a good job customer service. Otherwise it is difficult to long-term development of old customers. When others before, and you do not have a single very warm, suddenly, it indifferent orders, can give a person a kind of like feeling cheated, serious direct bad reviews. This is very detrimental to the long-term development of the shop.

above is the most common need to note

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