Wangzhuan couple should be far away from the fool psychology

is the most awesome new Wangzhuan! With their fearless full of sap into the big Rangang wangzhuan.

is the new Wangzhuan people pity! They had a meager income, but a variety of names, VIP cheat half tuition.

The new

Wangzhuan is the most people expect! No venga, sweep the Wangzhuan surface of the fog, and eventually you will find the real gold.

my rich boss, Wangzhuan engaged in nearly 10 years of experience, has been the spirit of "profiteering" principle, low-key to earn their own money, live my own life. As a so-called "old man" on the Internet, I also have a group of their own circle, have their own good friends. The boss was rich with them tried another Wangzhuan project, and they have the same rich boss once again cheated. And finally, can only blame their execution is not good enough…… The execution is not strong, this seems to be the most gorgeous reason all the training students to wangzhuan. You can’t make money, not I didn’t teach you, but your own execution is not good enough. Faced with such a reason, as a student, can only blame themselves and secretly depressed.

rich old capital for purposes of this article, just hope we don’t repeat the Wangzhuan couples previous mistakes. Today I will share with you the first couple to avoid falling into the trap of wangzhuan.

"Bo silly" psychology!

what is the Bo silly psychology? So-called Bo silly psychology, that is, I put a high price to sell to you, tell you there will be a higher price to buy this thing. Some of them are similar to stocks, I put the stock out, you buy, because you believe there will be a higher price to buy the stock. Do you understand that the so-called stupid stupid, is that you believe there will be more stupid than you!

recently in the popular online communication software, is actually using this kind of mentality, recharge business itself does not make much money, but if you can get the software promotion to other people and you can get a lot of agency fees. Then, he will give you a lot of members of the screenshot, make tens of thousands of dollars and so on. See your passion, look at your blood spray Zhang, see you lose your mind. Do you think that others can earn so much, I will certainly do!!!

, however, when you buy the software, found that the same online business has been too much, no one will choose to go to recharge your. How to do, to promote it. The highest profit promotion. When you recommend this software to all your friends, you will find that the reality is much more cruel than you think. Why don’t they do such a good thing?

this time, you will finally understand one thing, no one is more stupid than their own!

above is just an example.

The highest

Wangzhuan, not by promotion, not on the day of hard work, write a survey report, click on the answer, not rely on technology to do witkey. These methods are not

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