Do stand to make money is so difficult

In this paper,

as "not serious do stand but make a pot of gold" on the net in still is about I do stand experience. After the out, see the message are said to use dishonest means to make money, I do not deny that, so it is not recommended that owners use, and today, cheating is more and more difficult, and it is not a permanent solution, (perhaps some people can earn money, play Wangzhuan There are plenty of people who so I) also started doing stand, but money is not so easy to


in the "brush money" has become more and more difficult, I began to seriously do a website, brush so long, also contact with a lot of CMS, decided to seriously do station also had to use DEDECMS, then choose the theme, before the "free love" has become the development of the latter the type of website, but the flow is very low, so I chose to make a QQ resource site in consideration, and waiting for a long time found 4 meters a letter COM QQ, the highest flow is about 7 and 800, but Baidu has not received, but could not find a good advertising alliance, because for space and record, slowly, give up. Do a few leagues, are only a few dollars, did not receive!

at the beginning of 2008, after the QQ stop for a long time, I have a job to do network, every day contact with the network, colleagues also have a station, slowly from the idea, just Baidu launched Baidu HI, think of QQ station so fire, so to catch Baidu a registered, then the meter, meaning Baidu fans, named: 100 powder! Because of the station’s future is uncertain, so the space is free. After two months, found no market, and no one to talk about Baidu HI, and lost. At this time, found a CC video site system, try to take a look, it is convenient, because I am very fond of TVB drama, after repeated consideration, I chose to change the theme of the film and television station. After a few weeks later, found that the CC system is a pure video station system, and I want to develop into a TV station is not very suitable, and then through the PHP video system all the network, I finally found the one, although it is not perfect, but also suitable for my station, so determined to complete the transformation, with the use of the video system, buy a charge space, will be officially renamed the website: 100 powder television network, with the professional website of TV drama.

today, my hundred powder TV network has been nearly half a year, the engine received, but IP is not much, did not earn a penny, because the site to make money to many factors, not only to flow, but also a good advertising alliance. Traffic is not to say, for standing and different promotion methods, It differs from man to man.; advertising alliance, is really a headache, big is not easy to do, small bad faith, ordinary advertisement click rate click No, high rate of advertising is not very yellow, is very violent, very much influence the development of the website, Alliance make a few dollars to give up.

is not easy to do

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