Chen Shijun two venture push Delicious Bookmarks focus on layout of China

a pair of black thick framed glasses, exploding head, simple shirt and jeans, 34 year old Chen Shijun (micro-blog) (Steve Chen) and looks 7 years ago when the YouTube rate of youth and not much change.

is different, he has left to his infinite halo YouTube, and old partner Chad · Hurley (Chad Hurley) together to re take the road of entrepreneurship, to create a new company AVOS, and the key new product delicious on the foreign Internet Co is always difficult to stand up to the Chinese.

Why did

sell YouTube to start a new business? Chen Shijun replied, it was the "addiction" of Silicon Valley startups driving him.

along the way, his entrepreneurial experience is automatics. The university did not graduate to join the start-up company Paypal, after the listing of Paypal became a millionaire, and later set up a friend and the world’s most popular video sharing site YouTube, and sold it to Google after becoming billionaires. But in his new business to become a Silicon Valley legend, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

after this, Chen Shijun left Google and he created YouTube, went to the Silicon Valley city of San Mateo, founded AVOS, to start a business.

last year, Chen Shijun and Chad Hurley from YAHOO’s acquisition of a bookmark service website Delicious, this product has become the basis of AVOS. Delicious is a bookmark web site, which can help users to use words or phrases to mark the different links seen on the network, but also to allow users to share with their friends".

Delicious has a certain brand awareness, but the reason why the development is not good because of YAHOO’s management problems. If we have a good plan for the direction of development of Delicious, this product has great potential for development." Chen Shijun said.

After the acquisition of

, they began to re Delicious and constantly test and launched a localized product in China, delicious bookmarks".

as the founder of AVOS, CTO Chen Shijun has long been concerned about the Chinese market.

, in his opinion, many Silicon Valley Internet Co failed in China market, because they are more just to Chinese translation and localization of foreign markets has a mature product, and not specifically for the local situation of product development.

therefore, AVOS in the United States before the release of Delicious, it has been synchronized to develop products in China, based on local conditions for the development of research and development. Due to the different user environment in China and the United States, different preferences, regulatory policies are not the same, separate operations to meet local needs." Chen Shijun said.

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