The general steps of the business news network

first, to join the results of online advertising platform

a) media to join the advertising alliance

b) ASP audit media

c) advertisers registered ASP

d) advertisers submitted to the alliance to be released, and set the results of the monitoring tag

e) media application to release the advertiser’s ad


f) the application of the advertiser’s audit media.

g) media from the ASP site to get the original advertising, advertising began to release.



two, the operating results of online advertising

a) users click on the ad to visit the advertiser’s website.

b) automatic detection system, and record media for advertisers to bring the click.

c) users browse the advertiser’s website to complete the registration or purchase of products.

d) automatic detection system, and record the results of the media for advertisers.


three, the results of online advertising settlement

a) advertisers get all the results of information, and certification results

b) advertisers pay advertising costs according to the number of results to ASP

c ASP) to pay a certain proportion of Advertising Commission to the media




ASP: Affiliate Service Provider, advertising service provider (usually results in operation of CPA, CPS, Chinese advertising based): Shanghai Aitong CHANet, Yi Chi chain SmartTrade linktech LinkTech.

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