Gong Haiyan not up to summarize the lessons of entrepreneurial growth are extremely cruel and mercil

early start looking for someone who can’t all be the most suitable for development of the company, if some people do not grow up, to the interests of the company at the helm need to be extremely cruel and merciless.


a year ago in the 28th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, from the New Oriental founder Wang Qiang, a phone call to let Gong Haiyan into deep anxiety. At that time, she resigned from the Jiayuan CEO position just to join the online education founded 91 teacher soon, verbal commitment has been an angel investor Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang combined with Zhenge fund investment, but as lawyers have started the process, but Wang Qiang called the decision to abandon the investment.

Wang Qiang given the reason is that the 91 foreign teachers of the main spoken market is very small, there is no room for development. This great influence on Gong Haiyan’s hand, during the Spring Festival to an emergency meeting with NetEase VC capital and other funds; more importantly, Wang Qiang is the New Oriental English for many years, experts, his exit of Gong Haiyan two business model made torture.

Gong Haiyan listed six points in summary first venture experience, including cost control, grasp the opportunities, choose Internet start-ups, one of which is found in the wrong direction, should be adjusted as soon as possible.

with the deepening of understanding of online education, Gong Haiyan increasingly aware of the need to adjust the direction. She found that all products in the New Oriental, oral demand accounted for only 2% of the needs of all primary and secondary schools, remedial income is fast growth; and 91 foreign teachers to English as the original intention of the teaching idea of students unable to cut into the market, the target user basically to disperse the white-collar groups, marketing costs are too high.

is responsible for this situation, Gong Haiyan the first two entrepreneurs of the original intention is to solve the "starting from their own pain points, such as marriage and oral English is poor, in the process of reflection, Gong Haiyan gradually change to research the needs of others to find new business projects.

and industry exchanges, through adequate market research, Gong Haiyan finally decided to enter the K12 (Basic Education) market, and officially launched the ladder network in November last year, its orientation is to build a school quality education resources sharing platform, improve the work efficiency of teachers and students learning, students and teachers are committed to solve parents, pain points.

online education entrepreneurship is a gamble

throw the helve after the hatchet.

as everyone knows, pioneering the field of online education is extremely difficult, Gong Haiyan has seen a lot of The imprint is engraved on my heart. lesson. She summed up the two kinds of death especially miserable patterns, one of which is the transformation of traditional publishing houses do supplementary Internet, a relatively simple model, is to record video lessons, put a lot of manpower and resources, the quality of the course is difficult to grasp, but also a lack of good sales channels; the second is to do in the library. The death number of start-up companies have generally huge investment, but that the company has not already done the capital chain rupture.


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