The success of Taobao is so tempered

in recent years, Taobao off this term has been recognized from no one is now well-known, followed by the Taobao passenger competition will be more intense. A few years ago, the first to come to contact Taobao owners who believe that now have a stable income, and some new contact is a long time no see results. What a successful Taobao customers should be how to make it? Let me share with you some successful history of successful Taobao off


first: clever page optimization

many people think that there is a flow can be profitable, but this idea is not correct. Even if the site is a lot of traffic, but the content of the site can not cause the user’s interest, then these customers will not patronize your site. This situation is a key to seize the user’s mind, as long as they grasp their psychological needs to know what they like, you can keep these users, so as to bring profits to your site. So, how should we attract the user’s eye? It is very important to optimize the site page. The webmaster should give their website personality, focus on the web, do some unnecessary, to hit the nail on the head, then the user will see quickly to Taobao to buy things above. Jump is now a lot of webmasters to use the method to reduce the time the user stays in their own site, in fact, this method is very good, but to remember that this is the search engine will be punished. From the long-term interests, the smart page optimization is the fundamental interests of the owners.

second: adhere to optimize the long tail word

believes that now the mention of optimization, the first reaction of the webmaster is SEO, SEO is an easy to understand, easy to work, but if you want to put it into full play, so we need to spend time and effort are incalculable. Here is a simple and effective SEO optimization method and share. Some key words now has been the Tao guest almost exhausted, and if we want these old timers to the competition, it is almost impossible. What we can do is to optimize the flow of some related to the site and the long tail. Very simple approach is to find some high weight forum, then bring your own long term character signature, we can go to Baidu Post Bar, Q & a website to post, answer questions and so on. Its purpose is to keep the bait in the place where the spider often crawls to attract it to its own website. If you do, and do it for a long time, as long as we can improve the rankings and flow, if after a period of time is not your long tail word up, then you have to look at your choice of the long tail word whether competition is too big. Adhere to the optimization of the long tail word, is a very good ranking practice, I suggest you can try.

third: focus on user experience for external adjustment

user experience is the need to pay attention to each site, we should be the most perfect site in front of the user. >

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