How to make money online exercise your executive power

online to make money you have executive power? Hey, very unhappy, just write the article was accidentally turned off, engage in a mood. Suddenly think of one thing, by the way to talk about the execution of money on the Internet, just this is also to prove the problem. Do not say first what is the execution, I want to tell you some expert habits, in the early stage of making money online business, is the two day of a sleep, no sleep when not playing, but in something at work. Here is an example of a celebrity, saying that when Chen Huimin was young, he was given an example of execution. Don’t know who Chen Huimin is? Xicihutong always heard of the


said when Chen was young, he is very young, stupid impulse. He told the stories himself. He saw a flat about selling insurance master, said he had to sell insurance, a home run in Japan for 70 times! Every time, are in the home of a master, sweeping the block, the original one asked him in your home? "No!" 70 times in a row is an answer. To the seventy-first time, the old man can not stand the original level of harassment, did not wait for him to open his mouth and said: I am the president, I really can not stand your harassment, and sold me an insurance."

Chen was so funny, listen to the story: the original business, business so simple? 70 consecutive run on the success of the. So, Chen always young when the goal is to be an insurance salesman. He’s looking for a job as an insurance salesman before he gets a job in Nanjing. Remember when he said he ran for peace to candidates, then when he wrote for about 200 copies for books up over there, one episode particularly funny: when to fill in a form, fill in the form above requirements of social relations, Chen was always there, just wrote a big "the word".

later told him to go home for a week, you say a college student, what do not understand, a diploma, 0 of social relations, people will be admitted to his peace?. But Chen is not willing to, he went to 7 times to ask the safe situation, every time you give a "you go back and other news for a week," advised back. In the meantime, he even saw the general manager under the boss, the boss can not see him, the general manager, he looked for three times.

to the eighth time, things have changed, the general manager may do business in such a good mood, and then see Chen chief came to let him wait to call a half hour. When Chen downhearted, things turn directly to the general manager, he said: "the young man, young people good, on the 16 floor personnel department to get the form to fill out, come to work tomorrow."

what is executive power? How do you exercise? Do you have the power to make money online?

executive power is a simple thing to do, the original one ping visited 71 times after the success, he repeated 71 times, Chen always adhere to the 8, after the success of the 8. Is it difficult? "

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