Lightning to buy hand to join the rich community electricity commodity class ecological chain

from August 11th, the purchase of online shopping convenience store officially settled in the hungry, the platform for the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hangzhou supermarket users to provide convenience stores and fruits and vegetables category of one hour service". Lightning purchase convenience store online and offline integration of fine operating system, coupled with the huge flow of hungry entrance, the two can better serve the mobile phone habits of young people.


August 8th, announced the purchase of Ali to accept 267 million yuan investment and strategic cooperation, the next day with the mobile phone Taobao jointly launched Tanabata promotional activities in Hangzhou. Overwhelmed with the hungry, the cooperation is the important part of the lightning purchase in the field of community electricity supplier series layout. Recently, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, Huarun and other giants have joined the super O2O war, one community competitive electricity supplier industry has bid farewell to the enterprise, the second half, entering into the ecological system of "".

fastest delivery 7 minutes can be called takeaway Boulter

lightning purchased business started in Shanghai, hungry headquarters is also in Shanghai, the two sides have been on the line of cooperation in Shanghai after a period of testing. In the test phase, lightning + hungry hungry mode has brought users enjoy the service. Users reflect, with lightning after purchase at home can buy fruit, not hot out, the quality of fruit than fruit shop, the price is more affordable, but also faster delivery.

In August 11th

, a user under 10 boxes of Green Tea orders, and colleagues to buy a certain hour bet lightning delivered, that order is not enough, must borrow everywhere, can two hours to be good. However, the convenience of the convenience store to buy lightning won the bet victory, served only 20 minutes, but also stores and inventory.

according to statistics, in August 11th the order of small votes to pick up the equivalent of an area of Whampoa  bridge, which has a maximum length of 48 cm. Shanghai just need to become the strongest user of fruit, fruit sold the same day piled up 19 Oriental height, far ahead of sales of snacks, milk drinks and types of goods etc.. The most popular fruit is peach, total sales accounted for 1/3 of the fruit, a user bought 72 pieces of yellow peach, weighing 30 pounds.

in the distribution of aging, the purchase of one hour commitment to lightning, and the average service time is only 41 minutes. One of the fastest served only took 7 minutes, called takeaway Boulter.

data show that the purchase of the CBD area is like lightning white-collar, Shanghai Caohejing building come together, stone garden, Jinqiao and other white-collar gathering, when night falls in Pudong, lightning overtime white-collar workers to purchase fruit ammunition".

line under the water into the super store normal

convenience store owners generally reflect, with the lightning purchase >

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