Quality and credibility is the core element of the development of the delivery platform


recent long delivery platform suffered a serious crisis of confidence, and related goods and logistics giant accounts have been frozen, brought a serious impact to the e-commerce market, many people fear that the credibility of e-commerce has become a cross in the development of electronic commerce the Rees sword, no matter as for consumers, or the webmaster, has all kinds of businesses, the lack of credibility of goods, for the entire supply chain delivery

devastating blow!

but according to the relevant responsible person said that the delivery because of quality problems, some responsibility lies in the delivery platform, but businesses can not shirk its responsibility, this platform is long in the storm, as a scapegoat! Many industry experts support for the person in charge of the speech, after all, on behalf of the consignor of goods on the platform no one can guarantee the quality of 100%, the accident can be said to be an accident, from the platform quickly returned to normal operations that we still have some understanding of the event


but from the shipping platform crisis, we can also see that the strong influence of delivery platform, now many webmaster through the delivery platform for C2C sales, inventory, one on behalf of nature is the root cause of temptation, but also on behalf of the goods on the platform there are a lot of profits of products is as to attract many webmaster like moths to a flame delivery platform, but the quality of the products shipped on the platform, the owners sell but did not do a good job of investigation and analysis seriously, thus creating conditions for the


now also a lot of goods platform is more concerned about their attraction is the hope that more owners to participate in their own unified goods sales, more usually webmaster to join, a single product delivery platform profit as much as possible to let the webmaster to get, but because many of the sales of goods the platform still has a considerable profit, but many of the current generation delivery platform in order to obtain profits, even sacrifice quality to attract owners the temptation is very undesirable


I think, on behalf of the shipping platform still has a strong vitality in the next period of time, after all, at present there are still a lot of grassroots webmaster through delivery platform to operate the web site, it is a basis of so strong, can let the competition delivery platform now is the head of state, the long platform delivery platform is not able to discharge the fuel crisis, behind the rival


delivery platform to achieve greater success, can only start from the product quality and reputation, only based on the two generation delivery platform is fundamental, long-term development potential, can talent shows itself from the fierce competition, also can avoid accidents arising from


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