Jingdong 618 near us dug dug this holiday business behind the upgrade and technology replacement

Abstract: in recent years, the electricity supplier made day become the norm, but the real mining, Jingdong 618 really is not a coin out of the big promotion, because Liu Qiangdong chose to do poineering work, on June 18th opening, from the perspective of homophonic interpretation, can be interpreted as "Liu fa".


did not experience 618, can not be regarded as a real Jingdong employees."

after years of accumulation, which is already a consensus formed within the Jingdong staff.

business making section and the next line stores discount season has become the norm, but the real mining Jingdong, "618" is really not a coin out of the big promotion. Because Liu Qiangdong chose to do poineering work, opened on June 18th, from the perspective of homophonic interpretation may explain "to liu". This time node, but also contributed to the internal Jingdong group in June 18th each year before the end of the summary, in order to honor the convention.

According to Jingdong

group vice president Xu Lei told the media reporters titanium summary, "June 18th of each year is a service order and the ability of consumers to peak, the peak after pulling out, Jingdong know their own weaknesses and shortcomings in where, after each team will go to the second half of the annual sales and improve service level and so on a step."

electricity supplier is an iterative form of physical retail, and Jingdong is from 2003 began to try to turn the counter from the counter, can be said to be completed by thirteen years of self iteration". So far, the Jingdong in the dispute into industry "second", the dispute lies in his not profitable let competitors frequently mentioned, but at the same time, the Jingdong did Chinese electricity supplier in the field has made many innovations, including self logistics, follow the line under the counter era "seckill" big promotion etc..

2015, Jingdong’s big promotion even attracted more and more physical retail to join, including Wanda’s flying where the electricity supplier.

The occurrence of

before and after HP "Jack"


but in fact, more than 618 of Jingdong to promote development, in these years, from the cross section of the entire electricity supplier development industry, 618, Jingdong and brands in the constantly changing: from opposition to the sidelines, to actively participate in……

at first, 618 big promotion and brand business relationship between some "tense", the reason is this period, most brands are regarded as the electricity supplier channel spoiler.

2003, the development of China electricity supplier is still in the initial stage, turned to online Jingdong mainly for computer fancier selling products, suppliers for Hailong building area counter. According to an internal staff of the Jingdong said, just on the line of the Jingdong, "money no money, no word of mouth to mouth, how to use some way to online consumers? Liu Qiangdong soon discovered that the online channel will be at night with a group of people to inquire about the goods, so he realized that a little difference in the line of business: that night is an important sales.

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