A storm caused the quotes knowing how gorgeous from the team



know almost once again caught in the storm, before it also experienced many turmoil, was caused by the revision section, the function of debate, some users also evacuated because of a decline in community atmosphere and level, different is, precisely the source of the storm is on its own, in a glance, but most ordinary the public editor specification:

uses a right angled quotation mark (") instead of a quotation mark (") "

however, perhaps only in the current Chinese Internet environment, this will happen. A quote using the standard argument eventually in the know caused bloody, many users have a strong rebound, many users including Yolfilm and eventually left almost know, more serious discussion of "know" the death of the topic.

on the Internet to know about an immense number of books, we can understand it copied to Quora, although the profit pattern is not clear, we don’t want to give too much, or even to have been filled in the know of the pseudo elite atmosphere, all take a tolerant attitude in.

but the market is not as patient as we are, and we know we can’t be as calm as we are.

was born more than a year or more or less burdened with the pressure from the market, it has a reputation, a user, but until now there is no effective business model, in the environment of quick success in domestic investment, this alone is enough to put it into the deep abyss doomed eternally.

knows the ideal is to do the "high quality content Chinese community" on the Internet, but these years, experiencing so much rain, we found that in addition to increasing the size of the user, the impact of expanding the market, from the spectator’s point of view, it does not seem out of the desire of some of the more recent.

but in China today’s Internet environment, just do a Q & a community, really promising? This is not only perhaps investors doubt, in the know the internal users and also exist in such confusion.

as the birth of the Q & a community it needs traffic and users, but decreased therefore have to bear a large influx of users due to the quality of community consequences; effective method has not been found in the profit model of it, out of commercial considerations in the social direction and made his own attempt to boycott but this effort by the user.

we see, know Timeline from the original topic gradually transformed into people attention, SNS’s ambitions completely bared there and then. This may mean that knowledge is aware of the community development in China is not going down, it can not wait to rush headlong into the current social tide to everyone.

until now know almost all don’t know how to make money, clinging to community finally no way out. "

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