Amoy Blue Ocean Taobao training 2015 fast ranking skills!

Amoy Blue Ocean: Taobao training 2015 fast ranking single skill!

2015 is a single brush into a nightmare, small sellers do not worry, a good grasp of the single brush method, can still go out, from which the

rally nightmare!

then today want to share an example, look at how others use a single brush to the rankings? Here is a new store, March started, now a real day orders 100-150 single day, brush single number in the 50-80 single! Didn’t spend much cost in the Taobao store, did not report what so, only with a person to do a single brush, to maintain the data which is the data yesterday. We can look at!


shop did not play, do not pay promotion, is a single single brush up, many people will say that they are either invisible brush single drop right, or Taobao is found, this is why? Nonsense not say, look at how others brush


a, Title Optimization

is the Title Optimization store based optimization, is the basis of a single brush, if the title is not optimized, means that most of your future work is in vain, the optimization Title shuaishou online, you can see the title of


two, give up the seven day spiral brush method

2015 if you still play seven days spiral brush method, you out, the last two years, Taobao and Tmall are beginning to focus on the entire store data, the explosion of a single product era has passed, the explosion of a single product has a lot of disadvantages, in case of explosion you caught, that this shop damaged so, now the general store is a big explosion, two auxiliary, explosion models we will not say more, auxiliary is, when your explosion was caught, you can play a secondary explosion of responsibility to continue to pull up


three, baby up and down

pay attention to changes in the data store, recommend the use of baby shelf time for reference, because this is the official Taobao examination time, advice is a period of time, the data in a range, such as the above this shop to buy 200, two weeks before the flow shop, every single brush 4-6, specifically to see the brush single staff the mood, but can only limit the number of brush in this interval, the three or four week, we increase the flow to 400, every single brush 10-12, a stage to stage a promotion, and not before, are improving every day, usually second shelves we can put the rankings brush to the home page, the back of the day is the tofu competition, and maintain the ranking! To note here is that the brush flow can buy high quality traffic, only high-quality traffic, with a single brush, the effect will be obvious! Do not go pee Appropriate, if you buy a poor flow, Taobao filtered out, then it will become very dangerous!

four, delivery time

brush delivery time, >

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