Food and Drug Administration 7 batches of substandard food Tmall, shop No.

Beijing time on July 13th afternoon news, CCTV finance official micro-blog sent a message that, recently, the State Food and Drug Administration organized random sampling, 7 batches of substandard samples. Among them, aquatic products substandard samples 3 batches, 3 batches of substandard sugar, seasoning batch of 1. The unqualified products include, in the flagship store in Tmall meow Island (website) nominal sales Qingdao Avenue Brand Management Limited company (joint venture) spicy eel silk Yantai beautiful Food Co. production; Tani Aka official flagship store in the 1st Shop (website) sales target that Yunnan Dali city to entrust the eight thousand party food factory the production of Shenzhen Valley Power Trading Co. Ltd. (red rock candy polycrystalline yellow rock sugar). (reporter: Chen Haobing)

below is the list of substandard products:

drawings for the list of substandard samples

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