Ali CEO Zhang Yong employees open letter innovation and innovation achievements 11

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong

  in the 2015 Tmall eleven double curtain falls, 91 billion 217 million of the record volume of transactions on the occasion, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong issued an open letter to all employees, to congratulate the staff, summed up this year 11 many bright spots, and put forward new requirements and objectives: the change of firm innovation; let more young people become the protagonist; the use of big data enabling businesses; continue to face competition, big fight, fight.  

Zhang Yong said that this year the whole group two clear goals consistently fought a good fight, have the reason for celebrating the applause. Many young people in the front line to take responsibility, bring a lot of surprises, the future of Ali will allow more young people to become the protagonist. Zhang Yong also announced in the letter, the group will be in the near future in this double eleven outstanding contributions to the team and individuals to be commended.

this year, Tmall created a lot of double 11 first — combination of consumption and entertainment of the first double 11 party ratings first in the country, nearly 40 million people watched the first home court; Beijing; the first global theme, more than 30 million people to buy international brand; the first time into the rural areas; the first large-scale personalized wireless product operation. Wireless accounted for more than 68%. In particular, wireless technology innovation and big data personalization operations to achieve a breakthrough to enhance the user experience. Before the opening of the double 11, there are more than last year’s peak of 130 million users into the venue, to prove the power of big data. Zhang Yong revealed that Ali will continue to make use of big data can businesses.

Zhang Yong pointed out that because of changes in the market, the user is changing, do business in the way of change, Alibaba is willing to pay the cost and price changes, only to adapt to this change, leading to these changes, has been at the forefront of the times. Zhang Yong said: "as someone is willing to imitate, it is a good thing."

11 years ago this year before the market is not calm, Zhang Yong said: the competition to make Alibaba more powerful, he said: there are some of the same year, the noise came back as soon as possible. Ali Ali never fear of competition, people are not afraid of overtly, despise conspiracy, team under pressure, won the eleven victory. "Zhang Yong asked: keep fighting to all employees, to continue to be a big fight, fight, let fire come more violent. This year, 11, Alibaba created a record of the world’s first single product, including Tmall City mobile phone sales reached 3 million 130 thousand units, and jointly issued by the major manufacturers of mobile phone sales hero list.

Zhang Yong in the last letter to remind Ali to do the double 11 second, logistics, customer service service, so that consumers buy the parcel more cool, cool, carefully review, summary of precipitation, and to take the initiative to our business partners, express little brother say thank you, because their success is double 11.

below is the full text of the letter

members Ali:

just over the past eleven, I have experienced with everyone

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