CCTV exposure Taobao brush single home cheated millions

"double eleven" in sight, that cut the hand of the party who are already in full, ready to order online and rub the palms. However, with the upgrading of online shopping in people’s lives, followed by online shopping scam has aroused concern.

online shopping 5800 yuan sports equipment has cheated "pull back a con within a con" of "the case"

Zhejiang, Zhuji, Mr. Qian is a travel enthusiast, especially love mountaineering. In order to prepare for the next climb, Mr. Qian ordered a set of sports equipment from the Internet, and paid about 5800 yuan of money.

However, after

take goods, but not goods, Mr. Qian several times to contact the seller were unsuccessful. To a few thousand dollars this boondoggle, Mr. Qian, he came to the Zhejiang city of Zhuji province Datang police station.

Zhejiang City Public Security Bureau deputy director of the police station in Zhuji should be: he said the Internet to buy things, but the seller has not shipped Taobao. At first we thought it was an ordinary business dispute.

but after careful communication with Mr. Qian, police investigators found that the seller does not receive the goods from the seller is far more than mr.. If so, it will not be a simple trading disputes, but has been suspected of fraud.

should be in: because it records is not much, and the star is not high, belonging to such low levels of this shop, then it add some comments which have similar, similar to the seller is a liar, everyone fooled (review).

terrible! "Reborn" virus outbreak: Taobao stores scalping cheated ten million yuan

in order to find out the truth, the police quickly found the store operators. The seller said he had been cheated, cheated the buyer is because there is no money.

this sentence has attracted the attention of the police: online shopping has been cheated cases appear in the consumers, merchants and sellers cheated is how one thing? In Zhejiang Province, Zhuji City Public Security Bureau immediately conducted a survey and found that, surprisingly, cheated businesses are reluctant to alarm. Through the preliminary investigation, police attention to a game called "Nirvana rebirth" software.

police investigators first found a Nirvana rebirth software owner Wang injured.

25 year old Wang has done several years shop business, mainly selling clothing. In order to improve sales, despite knowing platform ban, Wang chose to use the industry unspoken rules: brush.

called brush single, refers to the use of the seller to provide the purchase cost, to the designated shop to buy goods, and then write false praise, improve the seller’s store sales and credit. In this way, the shop can get a better search rankings. In order to make the new rapid increase sales, Wang began a single brush.

Wang: find a special brush single team, you give them money, they will help you.

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