Pat Network Access WeChat paid to open 1000 stores in August


] August 20th news billion state power network, the day before, billion state power network from internal pat Network Jingdong’s informed, pat Network has been on the PC side and mobile terminal simultaneously access the WeChat payment, the first to support WeChat pay shop will reach 1000.

According to

billion state power network to understand, WeChat paid access, PC end users as long as the pat opened WeChat pay single shop and select WeChat pay after confirming the order, it will generate an order to pay two-dimensional code, consumers through WeChat scanning, you can complete the payment. In the mobile terminal is more convenient, as long as consumers in the WeChat open to support the payment of goods can be directly linked to WeChat payment.

pat Network relevant responsible person said, consumers can pay through access to WeChat, WeChat in the scene to complete the purchase of goods, into the shopping cart, order confirmation, payment of the whole process, and don’t jump to any third party page, greatly reduces the cost of consumer mobile shopping network. At the same time, he also said that pat Network is also constantly exploring and through the micro shop and the three party micro shop to open up, more shops to provide the ability to pay WeChat.

it is reported that the self beat network in July 17th after the re on-line, it started the payment of access to WeChat, and in the early selection of 33 shops for process testing. Pat Network insiders said: August, we will be divided into 5 batches to open the 1000 WeChat payment functions."