Make use of the four steps to make the product information editor

a good product information, can stimulate the desire to buy customers, successfully achieved sales. Many online shop in editing their own product information, only focus on product features and performance introduction, product description mediocre, unable to move the hearts of customers in a timely manner, the natural product sales can not reach a good level. How does a retail store achieve product sales? When a customer enters a store, the clerk will take the initiative to receive the customer, give the customer a good impression, and talk with the customer, understand the customer situation and needs. Then recommend the product, and finally through some appropriate way to allow customers to buy products. The whole process includes four steps of sales: chat, product introduction, promotion and sales. The four step is the retail sales after thoroughly tempered to shop experience, product information editing, can be improved according to the sales of the four steps of ideas, the product information to the best editing.

, a chat Vs product name

the shop assistant and the customer accosted, the purpose is to understand the customer situation and demand. Customers to buy baby milk powder, for example, only when the clerk to understand the customer’s baby age, what kind of milk powder has been eaten, what kind of adverse reactions, in order to recommend more suitable for baby milk powder.

in the network world, only when customers browse to the satisfaction of the product, will communicate with the shop. A large number of products within the shop, each product to browse, need considerable patience. When they can not find a suitable product in a short time, often give up counseling. Because the shop can not contact with customers in this time range, can not understand the customer situation, the customer will be lost.

how to let customers browse to their own products, search engine, classification, product name optimization can solve the problem. Among them, the product name weight lifting. For example, miso 3 stage milk powder 900g, the name simply cannot attract customers, if changed to 1-3 years old infants do not get angry, miso 3 stage milk 900g, 1 to send toys ", the name reflects the age of the baby can eat miso 3 stage milk, what is its function, and activities to stimulate customers desire to buy. Customers and the shop will increase the number of times the probability of communication, which will be passively accepted by the customer to browse into the initiative to communicate with the shop.

two, product description Vs product description

shop staff to introduce product information and web site product descriptions have in common, there are physical stores, customers can carefully watch and try to use. The shop can be illustrated form, plus video, let the customer more in-depth experience of the product.

product description is not just focus on the performance and functionality described, but to stimulate consumer desire to buy. Two bottles for example, a price of 30 yuan, a price of 45 yuan, the customer why not pick bottle of 30 yuan and 45 yuan to buy the bottle? The real reason is the two bottle to use different materials, 45 yuan a bottle of bottle material better, service life can reach 30 yuan a bottle of milk for two years, and only life a year. >

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