Electricity supplier undead how customer service should do

2014 for the electricity supplier industry is very intense, in this fierce competition, the electricity supplier industry in order to survive, it must have enough volume to support, otherwise you will be the next disappeared object. So how to improve the deal? Look at the electricity supplier industry simple process:

1 flow

2 consulting

3 deal

4 repeat customers and promote turnover

well, the current flow of electricity providers are relatively good solution. Then the consultation is the key. Reception consulting customer is the work of customer service. Then the quality of customer service will directly affect the transaction. Of course, a good customer service is not just a deal, or a brand reputation.

When the

site traffic, the vast majority of customers will not direct orders, although the customer has been attracted by your pages, but most customers will consult customer service, consulting some important information, so that he can be more assured in order. A customer to consult, indicating that he is very desire to buy. So a good customer service can contribute to more than 70% of the deal. But these are skills.

customer consultation when the main customer service is how to guide consumers to understand what the value of the product to buy, what can be brought to the customer?. Because everyone wants to buy high quality products at low prices. If you go directly to the customer’s thinking, it will greatly reduce the bottom volume. So how to guide customer service must do these points:

first: customer service is very understanding of their products, but also to understand the added value of the product. Understanding the product allows the customer to understand the value of the product. So what is the added value? For example, if you sell a pen, you can tell what color it is and how long it will take. Then the pen is very comfortable in the hand, the hand is not easy to tired, which is characterized by the added value of the pen can not see. If you know that you will not buy it?

addition: to help customers understand the purchase needs. Many times customers do not know why to buy this product, just know to buy or not familiar with the product. This is the customer service needs to help. Customers need to chat with customers to help customers understand the need to solve the problem, in the process of facilitating the transaction. This transaction is also the customer favorite.

of course, before you know what you need to do, customer service is very important. Good service attitude is the premise of the transaction.

wrote in the final: in the fierce competition in the electricity supplier, not just the price war, as well as business services. Our society is a society of relationship. Most of the time customers choose not the price but your service. It’s just as good as some merchant delivery services, and the prices are relatively high, but many customers are willing to pay for it

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