Paid by the impact of advertising will become the mainstream e-commerce marketing

CPS (according to advertisers to bring sales into the form of advertising) alliance, search engine promotion, and e-mail marketing will become the future mainstream e-commerce marketing. Today, I first introduced under the CPS alliance, will continue to introduce the search engine promotion and e-mail marketing.

04 years I just contact network promotion, have made a detailed study of the AMAZON CPS advertising, according to the information, including Associats and Web AMAZON alliance services, at that time in the United States has more than 60 thousand websites to become Amazon alliance, through the alliance website brought AMAZON to sales, AMAZON will according to the different categories for the web site 4% to 8.5% sales into. At that time, the league’s sales accounted for about 15% of total AMAZON sales. AMAZON is expected to reach $about 20000000000 in sales in 08 years, from the union to bring sales will reach $about 3000000000, CPS union spent advertising costs can reach about $200 million.

mainstream B2C e-commerce sites have their own CPS alliance business. Preliminary statistics, the alliance brings sales are between 15% – 20%, some sites even higher than this data. And the cost of the alliance is very low, advertising costs accounted for only about 10% of the immediate sales, equivalent to bring an order to spend about $10 advertising.

10 yuan an order equivalent to what concept? For example, if Dangdang, excellent network advertising on the portal, in accordance with the normal discount to buy, then the order cost may be $500.

so the CPS alliance is fully consistent with the characteristics of a good advertising – efficient, large-scale. Such as and mainstream B2C enterprise, CPS alliance has become the mainstream form of promotion, and the Union accounted for the proportion of sales each year in steady growth; VANCL even put the alliance into proportion increased to 16%.


domestic B2C e-commerce website CPS alliance because of low cost, large scale and can be copied, so it has gradually become the mainstream way of marketing, but also a lot of big restrictions on the development of this industry:

1, although many of them have tens of thousands of sites to promote their alliance, but the real number of advertisers can bring a very small number of sites. Dangdang excellence, for example, the monthly sales can really bring the site is only in 1000, a small number. Compared with the number of websites in China as well as the gap between the United States and AMAZON too far. The 1000 sites bring more than 90% of the sales of the top 20 sites. Which shows the CPS alliance and not really play the long tail benefits millions of websites.

2, even in the first few dozens of sites, the real income of the website

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