Merchant exposure No. 1 store hidden rules buy brush or acquiescence


] May 22nd news billion state power network, recently, 1, a mall owner to billion state power network broke the news that the 1 mall group purchase deposit scalping, and No. 1 mall on the matter acquiesce.

the business on his own experience introduced a single brush to billion state power network.

from last December to March of this year, about $1200 per month involving a single brush amount of about $30 thousand per month, about a single brush goods, accounting for about 30% of total sales. And in April this year, the amount of brush goods involved 35 thousand yuan, the goods for the first few months, higher than the previous 1500." The owner said that these brushes are not punished for a single line.

the shopkeeper said, because the 1 mall asked to participate in the business activities of group purchase activities, single day sales must be more than 4000 yuan, so in order to avoid the group purchase goods are forced off the shelf, every month the group purchase activities of the shopkeepers began in December will be a single brush.

owner told billion state power network, the brush No. 1 mall never punished its stores in the group purchase activities. The shopkeeper, since their shop group purchase single brush never checked, in order to infer the number 1 in the mall or the existence of a large number of brushes, especially the group purchase activities.

1 mall did not conduct reasonable supervision in the group buying activities, reflecting the mall to buy 1 copies of the false." The seller said. And the merchant also provides a screenshot of its brush screenshot:

in addition, the seller said that in May this year, a friend in the shop on the 1st of the work had been disclosed to the private, as long as the brush does not refund, under normal circumstances will not be punished."

, however, the owner admitted that in May to buy goods in the non single brush, but was fined 1 mall, and ordered the rectification of its two stores closed for two weeks.

on the merchant to exist for a long time without supervision by a single brush, billion state power network is checked to No. 1 mall. No. 1 mall responded: group purchase is one of the focus on popular promotions, No. 1 mall existing relatively perfect business training (notify) and regulatory mechanisms, and strict supervision to prevent the occurrence of "brush" and other false transactions. Once discovered, we will strictly deal with the facts.

about the existence of 1 mall internal staff to convey the "as long as the brush single no refunds are generally not investigated and punished" remarks to the merchant, the No. 1 mall to billion state power network said, scalping behavior is strictly prohibited in the No. 1 store, there is no receipt of the workers or businesses to report violations. For violations of corporate codes of conduct and business practices honest mall, mall 1 found that one case will be investigated and dealt with.

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