After all, still screaming traditional business electricity supplier gene revolution

2014 Spring Festival, in the electric business district party Chen Shiyou back, so he pushed off Wednesday’s regular meeting. "For me, the most important thing now is to find the right direction, five years later, what I can do?" Chen Shi, a ten years engaged in traditional clothing dealers in Beijing, agents of the 5 brands, operating more than and 60 stores counters and stores, the annual sales volume of nearly 200 million yuan; 2008 start to focus on business, but simply try. Over the past two years, his overall turnover has begun to stagnate, plans to close dozens of loss shops, but also to give up the two poor development of the brand. As a traditional dealer, Chen began to wonder: where is the future?

also in 2008, Yang Xiaohan and her husband re planning the two division: responsible for the production of her husband, in charge of sales and finance. That year, the traditional sales channels are difficult to open up the situation, Yang Xiaohan tried to open a Taobao shop. From the beginning of the registration shop, she personally involved in each link, and then gradually expanded to Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Alibaba and other electronic business platform. Today, Yang Xiaohan and her husband created "Checkedout" has become the first Tmall sales meters to the catering kitchen clothing brand. "Industry data can be seen, the market space is very large catering kitchen, the future there are billions of scale, but there is no leading brand. Now is the industry meters to do the best, only 1 hundred million of the size of the future, there is still much room for improvement! "Unlike Chen Shi, Yang Xiaohan clear future direction.

Chen Shi represents a group of dealers, Yang Xiaohan represents the "brand" of this group. Followed by another group – platform side. In this rapidly changing era, the role of the function and position of self revolution, how to seize the future point of view but also through some cases beyond count, we’ll faint touch the lifeblood of the law.

dealers, brands, platform providers to develop the core objectives of

times the electricity supplier dealers: switching mode electricity supplier gene release line marketing skill

a few years ago, the brand to do electricity supplier will be considered a problem is: how to avoid the conflict between the line and the line, in fact, this problem has a hidden premise, that is, the brand wants to protect the interests of dealers. Today, can be a bit more daring idea: if the brands do not want to protect the mobile phone industry? Millet no dealers, automotive industry Tesla no dealers, Home Furnishing industry Kebao no dealers…… How many industries can not be dealers


so dealers began to think:

can I have no dealers in this industry?

if you want to be a revolution, how much time do I have, what should I do?

dealer’s self revolutionary strategy:

if the throughput of goods is the order of magnitude that the brand can not be ignored, that is to say

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