Buy low, sell high nternet reproduction new path to make money

with the diversified development of the Internet, in addition to work, entertainment, information acquisition of these traditional demands, to provide financial has become the highest voice of the user of the new appeal. Therefore, in recent years, the Internet financial hot Witkey and C2C provide users with a way to make money online products mix should be born.

recently, I also found a "Chi in bid" ( class business platform’s users sought on the Internet, his form is similar to C2C, is the use of a buying and selling form, but in fact there are two fundamentally different nature.

wisdom in the official bid screenshot


bid wisdom in the website itself is a new mode of online shopping business, users can participate in the bid (Bao Chi in shopping mode, bid was first introduced in detail below) far below the market price to buy goods, such as the current price of about 4 thousand yuan iPhone5S, the user had to less than 500 yuan the purchase price too. To purchase low-cost users in the website within the resale platform close to the original price sold, earn post.


market price of 4900 yuan iphone5s, the sale price of $28.43

0 low risk purchase – new online shopping model bid treasure derivatives

when you get wisdom in bid, you will find wisdom in the bid commodity price is surprisingly low, almost all commodity prices are not more than 100 yuan, even the flagship SLR, this type of mobile phone market worth thousands of dollars of goods. The source of low-cost, is the wisdom of the original bid in the online shopping model – bid treasure.

the price of the entire audience is surprisingly low


all users need to participate in the purchase of goods bid treasure game and win the competition. The first price of all goods are 0 yuan, every person who wants to buy bid, a certain amount of virtual currency consumption – treasure, commodity prices rose by 1 cents. 10 seconds without any other person bid, then the goods at the time the price was traded to the last bid. The bid Bao failure, you can choose to make up the difference to buy, equivalent to the original purchase of goods.


wisdom in the official game bid graphic

for the pursuit of material is getting higher and higher, modern people, low price shopping + low risk competition so that the wisdom of the bid in the line within a month has accumulated nearly 80 thousand registered users.

sold – make the difference step to solve the supply and demand the sale of

Compared with the traditional

business, bid much wisdom in a resale trading platform – look>

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