Why can not grasp the traditional enterprise O2O transition opportunities

[review] many times when we talk about a new trend, easy to slip into the model as if there is no success stories, and thus choose to wait and see or wait.


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traditional enterprise "ignorance"

who had talked about in the sharing, the transformation of traditional enterprise Internet has failed "three noes": ignorance and fearless, inaction. The so-called ignorance is blinders, see only their success today, but did not see tomorrow. The Internet is too slow, conservative in the original mode. But more terrible than ignorance is fearless, knowing that the coming trend has been to retroaction not knowing is a mantis trying to stop a chariot. Nothing is reluctant to put down, unwilling to give up the original channel line, with the old management system behind the action to promote online business. Here veterans focus on "ignorance".

for example we often encounter, many times when we’re talking about a represents a new mode of future time, easy to fall into such a misunderstanding: if this new model is not what the success of the case, so choose the sidelines or wait for. For example, the veteran Home Furnishing electricity supplier O2O, most people think of the industry the case did not succeed or that the industry in addition to Luxuries delivery network, the new Miller music, the success of the sample is too small, not enough to prove the success of new pattern. But does not know that in addition to the two typical cases in the industry, Tmall Ali platform done fast Home Furnishing enterprises are in the minority, they can also be done in O2O. But most people do not know there is such a case because of their knowledge, ideas and other issues.

there is a situation that is not exposed to a successful industry, but does not mean there is no such case. But because some companies out of their business considerations, reluctant to share their success stories published. According to CNNIC data show that as of June 2014, China’s Internet users reached 632 million, of which mobile phone users reached 527 million, Internet penetration rate of 46.9%. This means that nearly half of the population are Internet users, such a huge crowd will be born in a variety of industries to give birth to a number of Internet based enterprises. However, these companies belong to the invisible Internet companies, foreign relatively low-key, outsiders can not see any difference between them with the traditional enterprise.

is an industry veteran point basis and no successful cases are not touchstone enterprises to enter the Internet, even if there is no successful case counterparts, as long as the trend in this industry there, the user has entered the Internet, there is always a group of people who eat crabs waiting for them. Companies follow the user for the first time, the total can not be wrong. Remember, there are often a lot of successful cases in the industry to follow up, you have lost a lot of opportunities.

enterprises to enter the Internet, three policy

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