Temple library are financing $100 million luxury electricity supplier in China spring coming

yesterday, heard the luxury electricity supplier website Temple library network financing $100 million news, really scared me jump. At this time last year, I judged this year as against copycat and related activities of infringement, will die a large number of so-called luxury electric business website, but did not expect the luxury business in a few years and I expected the opposite.

public news shows, this round of financing by Li Ruigang founded and served as chairman of the Chinese Cultural Investment Fund (CMC Capital Partners, referred to as CMC) lead investor, IDG capital, Ventech China, the French venture moriai investment, Pangu wealth fund combined with investment, is a multinational joint international investment case.

luxury products in the Chinese market is huge

of the luxury goods industry, last 2013 was a very memorable year, meaningful reasons in 2013 Chinese luxury goods will reach $102 billion accounted for nearly half of the global market, while at the same time China GDP accounted for only about 10% of the world, this is a satire of how much ah! Chinese "Hao feeling" cause I mentioned earlier the so-called luxury electric providers website to have access to some sites don’t tube off, will get huge financing, has become the darling of the capital market.

large amount of consumption again to verify the consumer enthusiasm for luxury goods Chinese figure, foreign high-end brand shop everywhere in the country in recent years, whether it is brand discount store, a suburban shopping center or downtown, Chinese become the main force of luxury consumption again.

luxury shock is imperative

is a luxury electric shock can see who is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the future of online channels will become the main sales of luxury electric way. Since the beginning of 2008 luxury electricity supplier, experienced a leap in the years after the great leap forward achieved rapid growth. Speed transit Institute in August of this year out of a domestic luxury business report, the report shows, 2009 China luxury online shopping market transactions was 2 billion 860 million yuan, but in 2012 reached 17 billion yuan, still very rapid growth in 2013. At the same time Chinese luxury online sales accounted for only less than 5% of its overall sales. This is undoubtedly one of the most promising concept of the most powerful proof.

In contrast to the

, foreign luxury organizations are increasingly concerned about the huge potential market of Chinese luxury goods, and have set up an online store in china. In 2010, Italy fashion website Rafael Forzieri online and through the Alipay curve into China; in September of the same year, the famous fashion brands in the global network of retail partners YOOX to enter the official Chinese; luxury goods group’s online store Net-a-Porter in March 2012 into China. In addition, Louis Weedon, Gucci and Cartire and other brands have opened the official website in China.


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