Rhyme of cross-border electricity supplier excellent pass love online domain name udamall.com too co

renamed China (eName.cn) February 3rd hearing, after the sea Amoy launched the SF in SF then, Yunda express also launched a cross-border electricity supplier "own advantages handed love online shopping mall, began to get involved in the import business, web enabled domain name udamall.com.


figure: gifted love

you love to use the domain name udamall.com is a recursive combination of domain name, U is "excellent" homophonic, DA for the "pass love" two words of the first letter of the alphabet, plus the "mall" English mall composed of three words. The use of such a domain name may be due to the impact of Tmall mall Tmall.com, but the domain name from the face look, mall seems redundant.

related domain name uda.com registered in July 1997, presumably now the value is already very high, and another 3 letter domain name yda.com was registered in October 1998, has been there for about 16 years. Domain name udiai.com is also a good choice, why have to "pursue" the three letter of the pursuit of the three letters can not, but think of such a complex domain name, it is really a spell.

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