Spike all novice! Hardcore buyers show double 11 for magic

today, an alleged most of the double 11 explosion models list in WeChat, micro-blog comprehensive spread, causing "hand chop party" exclaimed at the same time, also further improve the difficulty of panic buying. In this regard, there are buyers of ashes revealed, do a good job ahead of time to prepare for the purchase, the use of the browser’s buying features, can increase the success rate of panic buying.


11 most exposed double explosion in listing

in the online shopping buyers exchange group claiming to be a five crown level netizen said, have developed a up to 100 items and plans to grab the goods, in order to complete the plan is to use some of the latest release of the browser "automatic seckill" function, automatic seckill unattended.

Baidu browser double 11 spike king can be fully automated purchase of goods

according to the reporter found that Baidu is the only browser launched the "double 11 king with automatic seckill seckill" function, the user opens the browser on the right click "address bar seconds" button, enter the Tmall login interface, enter the login information, you can enter the treasure to add a page. Users only need to add a list of 11 of the purchase of explosive inventory control links, and set a precise time to get a minute, you can add all the explosive goods list".

set automatically grab time, the rest can wait for

, according to the ashes of the buyer, he has added nearly 117 goods, but also can not stop. In this regard, the reporter also learned that the previous panic buying goods, you need to open the browser to open commodity ", limited number of pages, and the page will need to manually refresh the 100 goods even if manual duty cannot complete by hand, but the panic buying Baidu browser function does not need manual operation, add hundreds of goods, you can automatically due to panic buying in panic buying, page refresh frequency is millisecond, the panic buying time to complete is very small, usually a variety of goods, only 10 seconds, while the remaining work is only the user to click" to pay "button to pay.

Many buyers said online shopping

exchange group, already on the Baidu browser for a trial, but is only a dual 11 automatic software seckill panic buying, panic buying success rate is also very satisfactory, so it is a double 11 big panic buying or just targeting, since the one or two baby has the right, Baidu browser can be a double 11 panic buying killer.

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