Electricity supplier collective countryside whitewashing Jingdong to help one day up to 55 home shop


is down to earth to the countryside collective "whitewashing" after the major electricity supplier 4~6 line market look at fiercely as a tiger does has now become all kinds of rural service station construction land.

this time, the slogan of Alibaba is thousands of county village, invested 10 billion yuan in 3~5, the establishment of the county’s 1000 operating centers and village level service stations. Jingdong (JD.NASDAQ) and the "road" is the county service center through direct cooperation and set up Jingdong to help expand the two service shop business model, in the next 3 years to help Jingdong "service shop" County shop "layout.

major electricity supplier collective "whitewashing" time is actually started in 2013. Jingdong is in the round of whitewashing the countryside was the most a high-profile. According to the information disclosed by the Jingdong, the project started from the fourth quarter of 2013, 2014, March basically completed, has been in the country 145 City landing over 8000 whitewashing advertising.

but, in whitewashing enjoy this form of advertising to bring the influence of before, the major electricity supplier companies need to first bought one for logistics.

"for whitewashing to embrace new customers, if the local logistics and services are not in place, but is smashing his own brand." A business enterprise managers expressed their concerns to the "First Financial Daily" reporter, "after all, today’s giant home appliance chain is still only sink to the four line of the city, really involved in rural markets are scanty."

and Jingdong to help service stations to do the main article is everyone. In accordance with the Jingdong’s description, location service shop is the Jingdong to help everyone electricity marketing, distribution, installation and maintenance of one-stop service, delivery, installation, integration of marketing, market resources, integration of foreign manufacturers authorized outlets, social service station resources into a unified service platform system for Jingdong in.


, Jingdong to help project manager Zhang Ming told the "First Financial Daily reporters, set up Jingdong to help service shop, will combine the goods, logistics, advertising, mobile Road entrance sink system solution of home appliances to the countryside" last mile "problem.

In accordance with the current

information display, the current Jingdong for the internal structure of the service shop has three main functions, one is responsible for accepting the sale of all products service service area; the other is a single network, help the user orders and training the customer registration purchase; the last piece is for the rural market, collaborative manufacturers do some suitable for rural consumer goods, and ultimately recommend to consumers. In addition, Jingdong to help the service store inside the virtual product display area. Behind this, Jingdong for Jingdong to help service store planning is a county and a shop, the standard quickly completed the national rural network coverage of the market.

it is worth noting that, from the original distribution base on the basis of the original upgrade from the Jingdong, Jingdong independently operated by the county level service center of Jingdong is different, Jingdong to help the service store is the use of cooperative mode shipped >

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