The new e-commerce road full of expectations

life will face a variety of choices. When I was young, parents choose for our basic necessities of life, gradually we have big, thought, their own minds, try to choose their own good direction to develop. I know that he is a very independent person, everything is natural, happy the most important. Now think about who was a child, not naughty, do not know it, things have never considered the consequences of doing so. In my impression, dad hit me once, hard enough, I’ll remember. It is summer, hot noon, just put in school, in accordance with the routine is to go home for lunch, take a nap. Don’t ring and a few buddy to the river fishing crayfish. The result is that my mother called me home everywhere, after finding me on the way mom said, back home to see your dad can hit you, everywhere is not found, so hot days, but also run around". I only know that I’m hungry, which is ready to do with butler inside Dad I Na, just got home, this is the first time I saw my dad fierce eyes, take me to play, I know that the pain, eating time, tears drip into a bowl, wash my face again. ". Simple child paper hurt ah.

since high school, it is really sensible, and do not cry do not trouble, may be the first time to leave home, in school life, but also think about the good home. From primary school to high school, learning achievement is always on the middle, occasionally take a tip to the real turning point in life, the college entrance examination has failed to get a good score, a specialist line, is quite depressing, but all in the past. After completing the volunteer, then it is not what the school thought, the first idea is to learn to deal with a computer technology. Find a computer science school "Shijie Institute" colleges, chose the largest enrollment "electronic commerce", what is naturally a. My school days are like a mirror.

came to the school, when I was a freshman, our teacher Wang to our primary task is to open a Taobao shop, first opened online banking, waiting for certification, opened a shop, it is to follow the prescribed order, then ran to the task, released the treasure is when the picture down from the online, never thought I really didn’t get it, how to log, also once again landing settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, the shop has been closed. No pear. At that time, my first understanding of e-commerce is Taobao (C2C). Understand that e-commerce is not entirely through electronic transactions. E-commerce is a broad concept, simple to say, is the business and the buyer in the way not to meet, through a series of network communication tools business activities.

at present, e-commerce model: B2B (B2B, Alibaba Chinese suppliers, global resources, China manufacturing network); business to consumer e-commerce (B2C, Jingdong, Amazon, store, Taobao.

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