Business secrets of the shop promotion marketing methods

cloning of traditional department stores full reduction means

has introduced auction, spike and other novel means to attract consumers online mall, promotional tools began to get into trouble. Department stores, such as discounts, discounts and other traditional promotional tools began to be the new online mall cloning". You too, Cuiwei shopping malls promotional war in full swing, full cut, discount and other words can be seen everywhere. These traditional promotional discounts also began to spread to the shop.

reporter yesterday login a network sale channel, see the red child,, shoes, VANCL shirts, free music Amoy net website promotional information released, "the fold", straight down other promotional activities underway. And a lot of mall owners crazy in a network released their store discount merchandise. On Taobao website, winter clothing, shoes and bags, relates to the beauty and daily goods and many other businesses have full reduction activities like a raging fire, and the traditional market of different commodities minus the full amount of different promotional efforts is exactly the same, the full reduction of cosmetic skin care products the lowest.

it is worth mentioning that, before the shop for the young consumer groups easy to accept new things, launched a popular online "seckill" panic buying, and some traditional businesses to pay attention to the "single day" "thanksgiving" personality festivals are also online shopping businesses to make day promotion. The reporter then from a network of a young editor to understand, now a lot of big businesses and some shop discount promotions to Xu a channel network publishing discount promotions, help them to produce a lot of orders every day. Along with the increasingly shop business category department stores, the promotions are closer to the traditional department store, added to the full cut, discounts and other traditional price war quagmire.

finally concluded a summary of the 6 merchants discount promotion strategy points:

(1) the scope of the strategy, that is, to determine which items discounted, in this case to clear why these items discounted, to investigate whether the purpose of discount. This is very critical, such as whether the new product to be discounted, many companies lack of strategy, it should not, first consider the regional nature of new products. According to local conditions, and consider these factors, determine where discount down will have effect.

(2) the degree of strategy, which determine the discount level, none of the amplitude, which can attract customers, and not the loss of profits. Relying on a simple price war to win, it may give consumers a bad impression, that is a cheap low-end products, the brand image and long-term negative impact on profitability.

(3) timing strategy, that is, at what time to decide the most appropriate discount. Now many shops choose 51, eleven, new year’s day, Spring Festival, the sales peak, but all companies are doing, for you, the effect will be discounted, such as the manufacture of special events and news, is worth digging or clearance bargain in the off-season.

(4) period strategy, that is, the discount should be the duration of the period, not the longer

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