Sina micro-blog started selling millet mobile phone test water and electricity for what purpose

yesterday, millet mobile phone 2 in Sina micro-blog began booking, officially on sale tomorrow. Insiders pointed out that the cooperation between Sina and millet, sina is more involved in the process of cooperation with Ali to improve bargaining chip. Where is the Sina mobile phone is intended to test the water and electricity providers started selling millet? Not to say the millet mobile phone in Sina micro-blog on sale for the first time to a few days, I can see the results today, I tell you why Sina and millet cooperation — test water and electricity industry


Sina micro-blog cooperation with ALI

a few days ago, the media has someone said Sina micro-blog and Ali cooperation, Ali Sina shares to micro-blog, this was the industry to raise a Babel of criticism of. Ali has been to establish SNS social system of their own, but have been unsuccessful, because Taobao transaction from Sina micro-blog to the user conversion rate is not low, so in order to let Ali own a space for one person in the SNS, launched in collaboration with micro-blog and sina. However, a few days ago has been in negotiations, and today, the media said Sina micro-blog and Ali will enter the final phase of the negotiations, the results will be announced tomorrow.

why Sina and millet to test the electricity supplier

?As mentioned above, sina

micro-blog and Ali cooperation, and the cooperation of the parties also negotiate for a long time, some people say that sina micro-blog’s mobile phone is entirely in order to test the water and electricity providers on sale today in negotiations with ALI improve chip, so to speed up the pace of business. But Sina micro-blog is really for this purpose? 15 of this month from the launch of sina wallet, mobile phone and millet cooperation yesterday and then involved in the electricity business, as if all of this is Sina micro-blog in a step-by-step plan, step by step involved in the electricity business, perhaps it is because the matter of cooperation and negotiation earlier a very successful. And always, there is news that a series of changes, Sina executives, COO Du will succeed Cao Guowei as CEO, with the cooperation and Ali things matter? Maybe, Ali shares, more or less will bring some impact to Sina, micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog executives change, may be only a part of the a.

Sina, micro-blog and millet cooperation with ALI, whether it is for increased leverage, why a lot of people say that for this reason? I want to know the real reason only Sina micro-blog itself, but at least one of the reasons for this are Sina micro-blog and millet cooperation


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