The original intime network CEO Liao Bin push flowers website again, mr.


May 8th news (reporter Yu Weiwei) former intime network CEO announced the departure of intime from, has been brewing new venture. This week, founded by Liao Bin flowers website officially launched, "Mr. beard" trying to take advantage of mother’s Day opportunity daxiangdiyipao.

"beard" to sell flowers. From the point of view of the page design, Mr. beard abandoned the flower business generally in a white dominated tall design tone, chose to show the form of yellowing, do the old retro range of children’s literature, showing a classical temperament.

has been on the line from the product point of view, the main push Mr. beard and mother’s Day carnation promotions "long package", including "one package" and "Thanksgiving meal" and "hug" packages, the user can choose from three packages, the package price is 99 yuan.

in addition, Mr. beard powder rose, champagne rose, green, pink lisianthus, Gerbera lily flower varieties for the user to choose. In terms of payment, Mr. beard chose WeChat scan code payment in the form of payment.

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