SF preferred fresh distribution across regions of Beijing



technology news May 27th afternoon, SF preferred fresh distribution across regions of Beijing, Tianjin first district six city users now on buying SF preferred fresh food, while Beijing enjoys the same user distribution limitation.

fresh food has been dominated by the SF preferred category first position, cold chain logistics is the key to build the network. SF preferred relevant responsible person said that the cold chain system does not need to sink to the SF area, therefore, no need to set in the Department of refrigeration equipment.

For example,

in Beijing, currently only has a cold chain warehouse (located in Beijing Shunyi District, covers an area of nearly 10 thousand square meters, can meet the needs of minus 60 degrees to zero 30 degrees "freezing, cold storage, temperature and humidity of the commodity storage needs), is enough to meet the whole city of Beijing fresh food distribution.

now with the entire warehouse equipment, distribution vehicles, professional staff, to meet the needs of a single amount of operation, the nearest Tianjin from Beijing to become the first fresh delivery outside the city of Beijing.


months, the SF preferred distribution by Beijing city has steadily expanded to nine national first-tier cities, but fresh distribution has not been included, can be expected, the first step is the comprehensive development of the business in Tianjin.

at the same time, SF preferred operation thinking seems to be further adjusted according to the new line of population subdivision "Gift Center" and "enterprise zone" channel, distribution and seasonal selection and fresh, as a business the most important module in the navigation bar, but before the partial nature of the content "the delicacy" and "health health" and "red corridor" unified adjustment to the right side of the "preferred taste".

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