Alibaba and the future of e-commerce in China

in the 10 anniversary celebration of Alibaba, Ma firmly said: I believe that the network will become the world’s largest commercial association, open, sharing, responsibility, globalization is the spirit of the future of the company!

" in the next 10 years, Alibaba to provide an equal platform for the company of 1000, to create 100 million jobs, to provide a platform for the world’s 1 billion people. " – this is Ma Yun’s heroic utterance? Or China important digital electronic commerce future trends can be quantified by


September 2009 11~12, held in Hangzhou the third APEC SME summit, Alibaba group released the "new commercial civilization emerged — 2009 Annual Business Development Research Report" shows that as of the first half of 2009, Chinese network has exceeded the number 63 million, the social economic influence is growing. According to incomplete statistics, in September 2008 after a period of time, every day more than 5000 new shop.

from worms, users to Internet users, network operators, appeared in different periods and different appellation frequency tells us that the application of the Internet is the depth of evolution, from entertainment, social life, and then to the electronic commerce, most people have to feel that e-commerce is changing the way we work mode, business model and business forms.

10 years, Alibaba as the representative of electronic commerce industry, from a single B2B platform development, become a B2B, B2C, C2C, Alipay, Ali software, YAHOO reputation of a combination of comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem, the B2B and C2C market share of the absolute competitive advantage, there are a total of 40 million users small and medium-sized enterprises, 145 million consumers and more than 200 million users of electronic payment. Open the door of wealth Alibaba for a large number of enterprises and entrepreneurs, rely on the user experience and constantly upgrade the marketing strategy, it is from the evolution of these two points we can see the Chinese e-commerce trajectory.

from Alibaba’s 10 years of history, China’s e-commerce has been exploring a healthy and viable development model, a variety of supporting services, user experience and marketing tools to upgrade. Can be said that the next three to five years will still be the rapid growth of e-commerce, e-commerce business models still need to accelerate staking, because the whole industry has great market space, with the 3G mobile phone and mobile Internet and the popularity of Alipay phones, e-commerce industry will have a brilliant future.

challenges of Chinese e-commerce

in the face of the growing market demand, more and more savvy buyers and sellers, in the fast-growing e-commerce industry in China still faces many challenges.

a profit model

Alibaba and Taobao in the early stages of the business, are free service staking, it is with a huge amount of users as a basis for Alibaba to go beyond the global capital

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