During the double 11, Microsoft announced wheatgrass stationed in the Jingdong business platform


technology news (Liang Chen) November 11th, Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy announced cooperation with the Jingdong R & D Jingdong version of Microsoft wheatgrass officially launched. Microsoft believes that innovation lies in the bottom of the electricity supplier data integration and artificial intelligence.

wheatgrass is Microsoft’s Bing search China team in May 30th released a smart chat robot.

It is reported that

, with the double 11 shopping Carnival business coming, Jingdong use the latest version of Android APP users, now has a 50% chance, can directly obtain the opportunity to activate the wheatgrass, in this year’s shopping links, the use of artificial intelligence with purchase.

integrates the wheatgrass nearly ten million information Jingdong to tens of thousands of categories of goods, foreign, Microsoft will be the analysis of large data covering the entire Internet business and interest category. On the basis of large data, the ability to form an independent judgment of artificial intelligence.

, that is to say, wheatgrass will according to the analysis of the user’s buying behavior, through the real-time decision system, the decision point recommended to specific users of content, with a clear view of Master shopping. After the data is accumulated, but also can learn wheatgrass human users shopping habits and preferences. This is different from the automatic answering machine.

also said that Microsoft, Jingdong and other platform version of Wheatgrass wheatgrass has to achieve interoperability. Cooperation with Jingdong research and development of shopping skills can be used on any other platform.

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