Master shop promotion method easy Wangzhuan

many people now let innocence, e-commerce groups of so-called silly very naive young entrepreneurs dead on the beach. Examples: at the period of maturity, X money from home investment, leaving angrily at home to open shop. For new sellers think most are taboo to no independent source, reputation, in Taobao train, promotional activities, after all. Blame Taobao to promote this is very black, I feel that Taobao did not commit (trading volume doubled), blame themselves very silly very naive.

said that each line has the risk of each line, the electronic commerce is not necessarily everyone was very successful, although examples created many millionaires, hundreds of thousands of jobs. And that the use of this Taobao promotion tools, should be different for different sellers in different ways. Otherwise, there is a good auxiliary tool, turned into a suction fee". Although he is also doing a part-time job for a few years, and feel very ashamed of their own reputation, compared with the same period of many peers shop, and now he is still 1 drill fast rise of the 2 drilling stage of. And most sellers is different than your own is part-time, no more time, more is no extra time to take care of themselves, the glory of it, hope that we can learn from these experiences:

first, the industry must do if they are most familiar with, interested in improving their confidence, ability

for their goods must be very familiar with the store, sellers need to be cautious; don’t start to make money, no credit, so need to accumulate reputation. When I started to think it is easy to sell clothes to sell not all to himself as a woman can, but their concern is also the most clothes, the buyer can also offer consulting, impression can be added.

two, shop promotion

new sellers are not suitable to participate in those promotional tools, can not afford the cost of. The seller is not so much competition, take the initiative, I think your shop may only be buried. Your goods are good, affordable, gifts, promotional activities. Did not go to publicity, I see your things are not sent to send free.

three, in the shopping forum forum


can not look down upon it, and many people are concerned. It’s very convenient and simple, most often on the website, this post for us is also an easy job to do, should not overdo sth. oh.

four, join the consumer protection, Wang shop

in the Taobao business for a long time, these two services are needed, for new sellers are also considered relatively cost-effective, why do you want to join the two? The first consumer protection, consumer protection is the consumer protection, from the word machine can see that this is a guarantee for customers, transposition thinking. If you are a consumer, the same goods you will go to the consumer protection consumer sellers, unless your goods is the one and only Taobao, it has nothing to say. Second Wang shop, shop image with respect to the reality of the physical store facade, like your decoration

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