What an iron boss means 300 million users on Alipay wallet


mobile Internet era is coming, the Internet bigwigs in order to win a seat can make the acquisition, transformation, exhaust all the skills, pushing new products…… Can be used in places hard. Of course, hard to work, can not fruition, sometimes see providence. Recently, Alipay would have the "iron boss" God helps, become a "lucky mobile era".

, according to media reports, the 12306 has been fully opened Alipay, including Alipay mobile phone can also purchase payment. If, before the payment has 100 million users of Alipay wallet, just get a platform ticket or a half ticket if access 12306 means Alipay wallet on the ticket "upgrade", truly mobile Internet tickets.

The topic of

mobile Internet tickets, now gradually become a cliche, a mobile phone assistant platform, pull a number of water users buy what, casually say to get mobile Internet tickets, even for an enterprise blowing stick: "a ticket is not enough, XX want three tickets, not to send to each business a good


actually, we often say that the ticket straight is a competitive problem — competitiveness in the mobile Internet era, which is mainly embodied in three places: one is the product and technology; two is the size of active users and three business ecosystem is viscous. Only with these three competitive advantages at the same time, it has a real significance to the mobile internet ticket, or are castles in the air.

we look at Alipay wallet. Alipay’s wireless products and technology, needless to say everybody be obvious to people, fast payment, acoustic payments, Yu Ebao…… Currently on the market all can think of payment innovation application from Alipay’s hands, but also holds the record for the 45 million 180 thousand pen / day mobile phone payment transaction records, the wireless payment product technical strength especially the carrying capacity is certainly not a problem.

in the business ecosystem, Alipay wallet has been initially set up mobile wealth management and mobile life assistant two business ecosystem, the former through open up the balance of treasure, fast payment and accounts system model, the latter is the use of innovative mobile payment technology, combined with the public service platform providers and mobile o2o ecosystem.

The only thing that

has not been able to occupy is the user scale. Although Alipay wallet has reached 100 million users, but has no real competitive advantage, not with other than light, there are 400 million users Ali own Taobao mobile phone client. Although the gold Alipay wallet users more, but to truly become the top application of mobile Internet, the most lacking is the size of the user.

is not the same as 12306. As we all know, 12306 has at least 2, 300 million of the size of the user, and each user has online ticket demand, is a real rigid demand for users. Taking into account the number of bank online banking, UnionPay, etc.

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